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Pet Grooming Studio

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Pet Grooming Studio

Our fantastic grooming parlours and studio’s provide the perfect working atmosphere in any shape, colour and size you require. We have built studio’s and parlours for some of the top groomers in the country who required a separate work space either positioned in their garden or made mobile to take to grooming exhibitions and shows, including in some cases our Pet Grooming Vans.

If you don't have an appropriate space in your house to work from and would like to have somewhere in your garden or you need extra work space or a mobile studio for shows and events then our pet grooming studio’s provide the perfect solution.

When at exhibitions and shows first impressions and professionalism is of paramount importance, which is why our pet grooming studios are made to the highest standards to fit your specifications so you stand above the rest and make that all important lasting impression.

For the ultimate in transportable pet grooming studios, we also offer Pet Grooming Trailers which offer total flexibility and couldn’t be easier to transport yourself with minimal effort.

Pet Grooming Studio Options

The pet grooming studios can either remain fixed, which make them ideal if you want your pet grooming studio to work from home, or placed on a towable chassis with hidden hydraulic legs, this gives the appearance that its fixed, but can then be towed away when needed, which prove ideal for exhibitions.

New! We are now offering the option for you to choose your floor and bath colour to match your company logo for only £99.99!

Why not use one of our mobile studios to take to events and provide your service?

Our pet grooming studios can either be built to a standard design which includes our insulated lining inside, with lights and other standard fittings or fully kitted out with all the equipment you require. As a Redcape approved supplier you can be sure that the equipment that we provide is of the best quality. Explore our grooming van conversion offers today or Contact Wet Pets Conversions to find out all your options for your Pet Grooming Studio.

Our quality pet grooming Studio are based around long lasting quality and ease of use, providing both you and the animal a totally safe and enjoyable working environment, that performs as well as it looks. From the hygienic full wash down lining through to the luxury of air conditioning and heating with a built in de-humidifier, we offer premium Studios and conversions at a practical price that will prove an invaluable asset to your company.

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If you like what you see with our grooming van conversions, call us today on 01258 837779, or email us at Contact Wet Pets Conversions today or alternatively simply fill in the form below and press submit and we will get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry.

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10 Year Guarantee with our products.We're proud to be 2015 Sponsor of Groom Team England.We're VCA Registered